Pure reflection


LEDSMART was created with the ambitious objective to generate energy savings and improve the daily quality of life. Today LEDSMART offers recognised innovative answers to increase lighting power where needed and reduce energy bills.

With our state-of-the-art application HALO, we can audit your current lighting system and propose the best solution using quality products and guaranteed workmanship.

Conceived by LEDSMART, HALO is an innovative purpose built software solution designed to streamline the entire re-lamping process. HALO co-ordinates lighting audits with made-to-measure proposals that will improve visual comfort, enhance human performance and reduce costs.

LEDSMART provides pure reflection and gives meaning to light.

Why Ledsmart ?

LEDSMART offers the perfect LED, sensor, installation and component package to guarantee a rapid return on investment.

All aspects of lighting design, cost saving calculations, supply and installations undertaken to include custom financing if required. Office, depot, warehouse, cold store, retail, manufacturing or explosive environment, our partnerships will create the right application.

LEDSMART provides the perfect environmental response to reduce carbon, energy costs and improve both the working environment and people’s lives.

Survey • Design • Install

Smart Led

SMART environments are the future of lighting as they will incorporate much more than just lighting. The idea is that all elements work in conjunction with each other and communicate. This way the most effective use of technology can be applied, enabling significant energy and maintenance cost savings.

Connected lighting provides the right amount of light precisely where it is needed and when it is needed.

Approche intelligente

The World of LED

Light Emitting Diodes — LEDs are high-energy efficient semiconductor devises that emit visible light. The accelerating transition to LED-based lighting has been changing the dynamics of luminaries design on a global scale.

With a 50% average reduction in lighting energy costs, commercial and industrial lighting, users no longer have to accept current energy technology as their only choice. Whether new construction, retrofitting, or a completely custom solution, LEDs can help realise a wide range of design ideas.

International environment and climate protection goals

Within the framework of Kyoto 1997 climate protection objectives, the EU defined a series of measures for the economical and sustainable use of resources.

Diagramme CO2

The Future
of Light is the LED

Change SMART

Free Lighting Energy Audit

  •  A LEDSMART consultant will call to discuss your current commercial lighting environment and to determine if a free on-site lighting audit will be advised
  • If so, a visit will be scheduled

What to prepare

  •  Maintenance and utility bills from the past 12 months
  • Make one staff member available to provide access to the areas you would like to have audited

What LEDSMART will collect

  • Lighting area dimensions
  • Fixture quantities, locations and mounting heights
  • Lamp types, quantities and wattages
  • Photographs of audited areas

The day of your on-site audit

  • On arrival the LEDSMART consultant will collect any documents you have prepared at this time
  • The consultant will then discretely collect data from the areas to be audited
  • Once the audit is complete, the consultant will discuss next steps before departing